Content Marketing

Content marketing is the consequent continuation of storytelling in our digital age. While classic PR work spreads product related news to the media (push-strategy), content marketing follows the approach to be the medium itself (pull-strategy). That means that the story around the product and the company is not only spread through the classic media outlets, but also told on one’s own communication channels. Ranging from the company’s website, the corporate blog to the YouTube channel, one’s own customer magazine, newsletter, e-book and many more. As a result, content marketing embraces the changing user habits and complements the classic PR-activities (Print, TV, Radio) with a pull-strategy (improving the online visibility).

Our Services

We give you the content and stories you need for your startup or online business – from single components, like blog posts, e-books, videos, text or visual content for your social media outlets, to an integrated content marketing concept.